Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Food pictures are awesome!

In an attempt to give myself some sort of regular creative outlet, I've started making the kid's lunches into funky shapes/pictures. I should've taken more pics than I have, but here's a couple:

A really simple "Mama", as per Charli's request:

And, since the Goddesses are going camping this weekend without me, campsites:
I guess at least I can go camping vicariously through food... or something.

I was talking about this with a friend, and through her have discovered the awesomeness of "Bento Boxes". Charli's going to be getting some bits and pieces for her birthday. My favourite things are the egg molds, they're so cute!

You can check out Bento boxes, egg molds and other cool kids food thinggoes at http://www.neat2eat.com.au/ - She's an SA Mama, and has a blog with all sorts of cool food ideas.


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